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یادمانده ها : از بزرگ علوی تا رحمان هاتفی
Yaad Mandeha (Memoirs: Literary, Professional & Political)
Nosratolah Nooh

Vol. 1: 1380 (March 2002), 630 pages
Vol. 2: 1383 (July 2004)
Vol. 3: 1386 (June 2007), 608 pages
Vol. 4: 1389 (November 2010), 625 pages *NEW*
Softcover [in Farsi]
Kaveh Publishers, San Jose, CA


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یغمای جندقی: عبیدی دیگر در دوره قاجار
Selections from Unpublished Works of Yaghmaye Jandaghi

Another Obeyd in the Qajar Era
Nosratolah Nooh

1385 (2006) [in Farsi]
482 pages, Softcover


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ننین حکاتی
Naneyn Hekati (Naneh's Sayings)

Poems in Semnani Dialect
Nosratolah Nooh

1380 (2001) [in Farsi, Semnani Dialect, with transliteration in Latin]
Includes Semnani-Farsi glossary
166 pages, Softcover
ISBN: 964-92674-8-4
Derakhte Boloorin Publishers, Tehran

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تذکره شعرای سمنان
Tazkare-ye Shoaraye Semnan (Compilation from Poets of Semnan)

Nosratolah Nooh, Ed.

1379 (2000) [in Farsi]
397 pages, Hardcover
ISBN: 964-92812-2-3
Zaal Publishers, Tehran

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آتشکده سرد
Atashkadeh-E-Sard (Extinguished  Fire Temple)
Selected Poems
Nosratolah Nooh

1377 (1999) [in Farsi]
234 pages, Softcover
Nashr-e Ketab, Los Angeles, CA


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بررسی طنز در ادبیات و مطبوعات فارسی
Bar-rasi-e Tanz (Analysis of Satire in Farsi Literature and Media)
With an Introduction by Dr. Mohammad-Jafar Mahjoub
Nosratolah Nooh

1373 (1994) [in Farsi]
338 pages, Softcover
Kaveh Publishers, San Jose, CA


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Ahangar Newspaper (Nos. 1-16, 1358)

Complete reprint with an 8-page historical introduction
Nosratolah Nooh, Ed.

1373 (1993) [in Farsi]
200 pages, Softcover (large format print, 28 cm X 40 cm)
Toka Publishers, San Jose, CA


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فرزند رنج
Farzand-e Ranj (Child of Suffering)

Selected Poems, 1332-1359 (1953-1980)
Nosratolah Nooh

1359 (1980) [in Farsi]
158 pages, Softcover
Haydar Baba Publishers, Tehran

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دنیای رنگها
Donyaye Rang-ha (World of Colors)

Nosratolah Nooh

1342 (1963) [in Farsi]
200 pages, Softcover
Kayhan Publishers, Tehran

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گلهایی که پژمرد
Golhaie ke Pazjmord (Faded Flowers)

Nosratolah Nooh

1336 (1957) [in Farsi]
56 pages, Softcover
Naghshe Jahan Publishers, Tehran

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